Galatians 2:11-21

Mar 27, 2024    Joshua Bradford

1. A False Gospel Exemplified (V11-14)

  A. Legalism Condemns and Causes Disunity (11-13)

  B. Gospel Truth Protects and Unifies (14)


2. The Crux of the Matter: Justification by Faith (15-18)

   A. Sinners By Nature (15-16a)

   B. Made Righteous By Faith (16-19)

     i. Justification (16a): The Merit of Christ

     ii. Only Condemnation Outside Justification (16b)

   C. I Rebuild What I Once Destroyed (17-18)

3. Crucified with Christ (19-21)

   A. Criminal Charges Satisfied by Penalty of Death (19)

   B. The Intimate Grace of God: Crucified with Christ (20)

     i. He Saved Me: No Longer in Flesh Do I Live

     ii. He Loved Me: While Still a Condemned Under the Law 

     iiiI. He Gave Himself for Me: Paid My Death Penalty

   C. Do Not Nullify the Grace of God (21)