Membership Information Class

Do you want to know more about what we believe and how we function as a local church?

The Membership Information Class is a held twice a year where you can learn about Grace Life Church without being put on the spot or without any obligation to join us as a member.


The class will be held on a dedicated Sunday morning, and here you will learn about the different aspects of the church’s beliefs and practices. We also provide refreshments during the class and opportunity to fellowship with others who are contemplating membership at Grace Life.

How do I sign up?

You may sign up in a number of different ways. If you are interested in joining the next class, you may call Pastor Tommy directly at (918) 864-0947 or by email ( and simply let us know that you are interested in attending the next class.


We do provide childcare for those who have younger children. Simply let us know that your children will be attending and we will take care of the rest.

How To Contact Us

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