Thyatira, the Tolerant Church

Apr 28, 2024    Derek Melton

I.              THE ADDRESS (V. 18)


II.            THE ASSESSMENT (V. 19)


(a.)       Their graces

(b.)       Their growth


III.         THE ACCUSATION (V. 20)


(a.)       Their toleration


(1.)       A self-titled prophetess.

(2.)       An aberrant doctrine.


IV.          THE ADJUDICATION (Vv. 21-23)


(a.)       Her perseverance in evil.

(b.)       Her punishment due evil.


(1.)       A bed of sickness.

(2.)       Great tribulation.

(3.)       Death to her followers.


V.            THE ADDENDUM (Vv. 24-25)


(a.)       Hold fast.


VI.          THE ASSURANCE (Vv. 26-29)


(a.)       The overcomer


(1.)       Authority over the nations

(2.)       The Morning Star.