The House of God in Ruins, Part 1

Jan 31, 2024    Derek Melton

I. THE REMORSE (Vv. 1-3)

Asaph expresses:

(a.) Rejection (V. 1)

(b.) Remembrance (V. 2)

(c.) Return (V. 3)

II. THE RUIN (Vv. 4-9)

The snapshot is that of:

(a.) Desecration (V. 4)

(b.) Demolition (Vv. 5-8)

(c.) Desperation (V. 9)


The Psalmist solicits:

(a.) A call to action (Vv. 10-11)

(b.) A case history affirmed (Vv. 12-17)

Asaph remembers:

(1.) Displays of strength

(2.) Displays of sovereignty

IV. THE REQUEST (Vv. 18-23)

Asaph prays:

(a.) Defend Your honor (V. 18)

(b.) Defend Your elect (V. 19)

(c.) Defend Your covenant (Vv. 20-23)